Artist Opens Photography Exhibit on Western Sahara in Spain

Rabat – Moroccan photographer Dulfi Doulfikar has opened a photography exhibit on the development of Western Sahara in Spain. The exhibit, which opened Friday in the Huelva province in southern Spain, traces the development of Western Sahara and the Guelmim region of southern Morocco. It exposes Moroccan Sahrawi culture to disassemble Western clichés. In the context of the cultural Islamic days organized by the Andalusi municipality of Almonaster, southern Spain, Dulfi Doulfikar is offering the Spanish public an opportunity to discover a culturally rich and modern Western Sahara. The exhibition, named “The Sahara Through Two Visions,” was narrated by the Spanish writer Paco Huelva, who wrote explanatory texts accompanying every picture. Representatives and municipal councillors attended the art exhibit and expressed great appreciation of the Moroccan-Spanish work. Doulfikar declared he was approached by councillors who were surprised by the improvement of the region which has not been seen by the media. According to Doulfikar, he wants to show the world how the Western Sahara that he considers Moroccan, and the Guelmim region have undergone massive development. He said they are becoming modern and are “not dry lands inhabited by Touaregs, with dunes as the only natural landscape.” The exhibit exposed cultural aspects like “tbourida” (traditional horse riding scenes) and festivals like the Tan Tan festival. The pictures also display the region’s flora and fauna and the Sahrawi people and their traditions.The exhibit also emphasized the role of women in the development of the region.Doulfikar visited the region many times to take his pictures. He intends to publish a book compiling all his work on the region to fight stereotypes. read more

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