Cementation mobilising for underground bulk sample mining at Anaconda Goldboro

first_imgAnaconda Mining Inc announces that the site set-up phase for the 10,000 t, underground bulk sample is nearing completion at its Goldboro Gold Project in Nova Scotia, Canada. Anaconda commenced site preparation towards the end of July and to date has achieved the following milestones:Hired local engineering and support staff to execute the Goldboro Bulk Sample;Completed a nesting bird survey prior to the start of clearing;Implemented the Anaconda Health and Safety Program;Established a water monitoring program;Completed site clearing and surface preparation work, and continues to prepare the stockpile area;Established pumping set-up at the Boston–Richardson shaft;Started the dewatering of the existing Boston–Richardson shaft;Established survey control around the mine portal;Initiated ground control inspections (around portal excavation);“We are extremely pleased with the progress that has been made thus far for the Goldboro Bulk Sample. We are very grateful for the support of our stakeholders including the local community, regulators, First Nations, and all service providers and suppliers that have helped us launch the Project. With the set-up and site preparation nearly complete, we are ready to begin decline dewatering and mine rehabilitation. We are looking forward to using the technical information collected during the Bulk Sample program including geological, operational and metallurgical data in designing and optimising the Project during the feasibility study stage which is anticipated to start in September,” said Dustin Angelo, President and CEO, Anaconda Mining Inc.Anaconda’s mining contractor, Cementation Canada Inc has been sourcing people, equipment and materials for the Bulk Sample since required permits were received in July. Cementation is committed to hiring a qualified local workforce and sourcing materials and supplies from within the Province when possible. Delivery of the contractor’s materials and equipment began on August 30. Once power to the site has been commissioned, Cementation will begin the mine rehabilitation and decline dewatering phase of the Bulk Sample.Mining activity is expected to begin in mid-October 2019 following the completion of decline dewatering and rehabilitation. The mining phase is anticipated to take up to two months to complete, with final processing results expected early in 2019. Demobilisation and Bulk Sample closure activities are scheduled to be completed by late December.last_img read more

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