LGV Moroccans Can Park Cars for Free at New Train Stations

The news came in line with the inauguration of Morocco’s high speed train (LGV).The National Railway Office (ONCF) is also offering free trips aboard al-Boraq, Morocco’s high speed train, November 26-28. ONCF invites citizens wishing to get free tickets to apply via the ONCF website or by calling the company’s customer service line, 2255, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. starting November 23. Applicants must type out their full names, phone numbers, ID card numbers, and their desired date and time of travel, as well as their station of choice: Casablanca, Tangier, Kenitra, or Rabat.Read Also: Morocco’s ONCF to Offer Free LGV Rides for 3 Days If the reservations are accepted, applicants will receive a confirmation email or phone call with their seat and train compartment numbers.The beneficiaries should claim their tickets 24 hours ahead of the journey or their reservations will be canceled.The ticket prices for the LGV economy class from Tangier to Casablanca cost MAD 149-224.Depending on the three peak periods—low, normal, or high—second-class tickets cost MAD 93-139 for Tangier-Kenitra, MAD 115-172 for Tangier-Rabat, and MAD 149-224 for Tangier-Casablanca.First-class tickets cost MAD 162-244 for Tangier-Kenitra.On November 15, King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated the high speed train. The train departed for the first time from Tangier with King Mohammed VI and Macron taking the first ride.The King also inaugurated the tripling of the Casablanca-Kenitra railway tracks, the complete doubling of the Casablanca-Marrakech railway tracks, the stations dedicated to high speed trains (Rabat-Agdal, Tangier, Kenitra, and Casa-Voyageurs), and the new stations of Oujda and Benguerir. The large-scale projects cost MAD 10.5 billion. read more

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