Morocco 16 of Children Under 12 Have Cell Phones

By Anas ZedguiMarrakech- According to a study conducted by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, 16% of children under 12 years old in Morocco have cell phones. This date was featured for the first time in a new section of the annual study conducted by the agency, which focuses on children and their attitudes towards modern telecommunication technology. More than 25% of them were permitted to use the internet by themselves, and 14% were present on social media, according to the same study. The study also reveals the dominance of social networks in Moroccans’ use of the internet, since those networks are the main reason that 75% of Moroccans subscribe to internet access. Half of those use social networks for between one and two hours per day.After social networking, watching online videos comes in second place with 72% of Moroccans using the internet for that purpose, followed by email services in third. The study also found that 17% of Moroccans have two SIM cards. Meanwhile, Increasing numbers of Moroccans are buying smartphones, taking advantage of deals offered by phone manufacturers and growing 3G access.The numbers of Moroccans with smartphones doubled within a year, and now one-third of Moroccans have approximately 5 million smartphones.Edited by Jessica Rohan read more

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