Official Highlights Values Governing Moroccos Policy Over Western Sahara

Rabat – Communication Minister and Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi highlighted, on Thursday in Rabat, the immutable values governing Morocco’s policy over the “Western Sahara.”During a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting, held under the chairmanship of head of government Abdelilah Benkirane, the minister highlighted the autonomy proposal which constitutes the framework that would encourage a mutually-acceptable political settlement.The project on the table regarding the future of MINURSO mission “is balanced and in line with the parameters set following the phone conversation between King Mohammed VI and UNSG Ban Ki-moon,” El Khalfi added. The official went on saying that Morocco is convinced of “the pertinence and soundness of its choices” in the management of its relation with the United Nations and other parties, and fully trusts its friends to defend its choices.He noted that Morocco is adopting, at the same time, an integrated and complementary policy based on the promotion of economic and social development in the southern provinces, the setting up of the bases of extensive regionalization, the openness on unbiased and objective UN human rights bodies, in addition to the promotion of human rights across the Kingdom through the reinforcement of the role by the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH).This multidimensional approach, namely the relation with the UN, economic and social development, administrative and territorial policy related to regionalization and human rights, “earned Morocco the esteem of the international community,” said El Khalfi.He also underlined that the Kingdom’s proposals and opinions receive positive feedback, in the service of Morocco’s unwavering choice which is defending its national and territorial integrity. read more

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