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first_imgRe “Political anthem: `Stand by your man”‘ (Aug. 31): The only woman who did not stand quietly and meekly behind her errant man is Corina Raigosa, Antonio Villaraigosa’s wife, and I heartily applaud her for that. Corina stood up for herself where countless other women, including “feminist” Hillary Clinton, have by their silence appeared to accept such behavior. – Lea Osborne Woodland Hills Who they are Re “Top Dem fundraiser surrenders” (Sept. 1): Do Sen. Hillary Clinton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa really expect us to believe they were not aware of Norman Hsu’s contributions to their party? Please stop insulting our intelligence with your deceitful lies. Wake up, America. See them for who they really are. – Pat Dasse Chatsworth Light sentence Re “Ex-prosecutor gets jail for actions in Duke case” (Sept. 1): Disgraced former prosecutor Michael Nifong had the trust of the public and had taken an oath to pursue justice and enforce the law. Then he nearly destroyed the lives of three young Duke University lacrosse players he knew to be innocent of rape charges, withheld DNA evidence he knew would exonerate them, and lied to a judge. The three young men probably will never recover fully from their horrible ordeal. So one who violated the public trust and his oath of office was sentenced to a mere one day in jail. Is this American justice? No, it’s an absolutely disgusting disgrace. Five years would have been a very lenient sentence, in my opinion. – Ken Green Burbank Fear for the country Regarding the editorial cartoon on Labor Day (Sept. 3): I find it incredible that you condemn President George W. Bush for joining the National Guard during the Vietnam War when Bill Clinton dodged the whole thing by going to Britain to bad-mouth the war and speak against the United States. Hillary, while in the White House, said that she detested the military. How soon the Democrats forget their history. I fear for the United States should they get elected in 2008. – Beverly King Winnetka Safety and traffic Re “Traffic studies hit a wall” (Sept. 1): In Granada Hills, where they want to expand the Granada Village shopping area, a traffic study was conducted in the summer by the interested parties, but it does not accurately reflect usual traffic because a large high school and private elementary school are within a block of the proposed expansion. Both Regency Center, which owns the property, and Kohl’s, which wants to expand the square footage, are using this study in their request for exemptions and variances from the city. That is just dirty business. Neither company’s headquarters are even in California. What do these companies care about the safety and traffic in our town? – Cathe Bodie Granada Hills Return a Sunni regime Re “Much is at stake in Iraq” (Their Opinions, Sept. 2): Bill O’Reilly foresees a horrific scenario if we withdraw from Iraq: Iran will dominate the country – “a powerful Shiite juggernaut that will target Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States itself.” There is one sure way to prevent this scenario from becoming a reality: A Sunni regime should be re-installed in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a Sunni, and his regime was a Sunni regime. There was no danger of a “Shiite juggernaut” under that regime, and that regime was not a threat to the United States. What they foolishly and tragically demolished, they should take the lead in rebuilding. They could start by attempting to identify an Iraqi qualified to take on Saddam’s role. – Gene Pomerantz Tarzana Buses won’t work Re “Pols love mass transit – just not for themselves” (Viewpoint, Sept. 2): Light rail should be included. Has Ted Balaker ever seen how slowly those so-called subway trains go when they are outside of Manhattan? Also, what is so important about our mayor not using the subway? It obviously cannot work for him. How can Balaker see buses as a solution? There always has been and always will be a stigma against buses. Fixed rail transit can work as long as those lines go to places with many jobs. Obviously we cannot eliminate all possible destinations that a car can serve, but we need to do whatever we can to fix gridlock, and this is the way to do it. Freeways are a thing of the past in the county. – Tony Fernandez Los Angeles160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img
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