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first_img* Above article reproduced from the Racing Post 12 December 2015. [dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring my early 20’s, I made some stunningly naive and rash business decisions. Because of this, I know that pain is the greatest teacher of them all. People can try to educate others, but if a trait is in an individual’s nature, it is unlikely that it will evacuate itself, until it’s been allowed to run free, and show itself to the world. However, during these times of self-infliction, I was fortunate enough to have several kind, well placed, and highly experienced mentors, watching over me.One of them, was Alan Isherwood.I would say that Alan, is one of the shrewdest and most worldly people, I have ever met in the game. ‘Doing a card’ for Ladbrokes, he gained the nickname ‘Ish the tish’ (tissue-prices). He travelled the open-race circuit, and when his crew descended on a track, to back a few dogs, it’s was like Don Corleone himself, accompanied by his henchmen, had arrived.Today, on page 112, of the Greyhound Post (reproduced below), you can read a rare interview with the great man.Alan is not a well boy. But this blog sends him it’s best wishes. Alan, I’m truly grateful, for all of your wise words, and guidance, over the years.‎ THANK YOU.In other news:In the article, Alan Isherwood, names Premier Fantasy, as the fastest greyhound he has ever seen run.‎ How tragic, that he broke a hock, before being able to complete his destiny, and win the Greyhound Derby. So often, you hear old-timers say that some dogs, the special ones, sadly end up being ‘too quick’. THE GAME CAN BE SO CRUEL.Over and out, B xlast_img read more

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