Canada preparing to deliver aid shipments for Texas hurricane victims

first_imgThe federal government and the governments of Ontario and Quebec are readying relief supplies, including baby formula and cribs, for victims of hurricane Harvey.Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the governments are working with the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency to co-ordinate the help.The storm left vast swaths of Texas and parts of Louisiana flooded and forced tens of thousands of people from their homes.“We reached out to offer whatever support is needed, from airlift capacity to helicopters to whatever is necessary,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a news conference Friday in Saskatoon.FEMA, he said, responded by providing Goodale a list of badly needed provisions, and Canada was more than happy to oblige.Goodale said the relief supplies include hygiene kits, bed pillows, bath towels, baby formula, baby disposable bottles, baby cribs and baby linens.The Royal Canadian Air Force is preparing a cargo plane to fly the goods to Texas and it is expected to leave soon.Trudeau and President Donald Trump spoke Thursday about the floods and relief efforts.“We are there for our friends suffering this terrible calamity of hurricane Harvey, and we will stand by them and offer them whatever support they need,” Trudeau said.“This is who Canadians are; we’re there for each other in times of difficulty.”The American embassy in Ottawa expressed gratitude for Canada’s offer of support.“The people of the United States and Canada have a long history of supporting each other in times of need,” Elizabeth Aubin, the charge d’affaires at the embassy, said in a statement.“We once again thank our Canadian friends and neighbours for their heartfelt offers of solidarity and assistance.”Goodale said Canada stands by the United States, saying the country’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected.“I want to commend local volunteers, first responders and residents who continue to work selflessly to keep their neighbours and communities safe,” he said in a statement.On Thursday, Trump’s homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said Canada’s “neighbourly gesture” of help was much appreciated, telling a White House briefing, “It’s an international expression of what we’re seeing here at a very local level.”Related:Trudeau offers Trump condolences, assistance in aftermath of hurricane Harveylast_img read more

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