PSN hacked again 2 days after coming back online

first_imgYesterday marked a month since PSN was initially hacked. What followed was Sony’s decision to take the network completely offline to rebuild a security system ensuring such a disaster could never happen again. A disaster Sony’s President is now classing as just a “hiccup.”But that long period of downtime looks like it may have been a waste of time now. Just two days after Sony started turning parts of the PlayStation Network back online, it seems to have been hacked again.Anyone turning on their PS3 to reconnect to PSN will be forced to change their password. This is one of the security measures Sony has implemented to ensure accounts become secure again. But a hack has been discovered allowing someone to reset your password if they know your email address and date of birth. Both pieces of information were taken in the original hack making them publicly available to the right people (hackers).The new hack has been verified by a few gaming websites including Eurogamer and Nyleveia. Sony has since disabled the password reset system as it investigates what has happened with no indication of when it, and therefore access to some of its websites, will be coming back online. However, if you already have access to your PSN account it should continue to work. Those that haven’t done the password reset step will just have to wait again.As the hack uses the email address listed on your account before the April 17 attack, the best form of defense is to change the email associated with your PSN account. After doing that the new hack should no longer work. That may also end up being Sony’s solution to this new attack on its service.Read more at MCVlast_img read more

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