What The Heck Is Verrit And Why Is Hillary Clinton Talking About

first_imgStay on target ‘Metal Wolf Chaos XD’ Is the Hell That Is AmericaWill This U.S. Senator’s Bill Finally Kill Video Game Loot Boxes? We’re not in any condition to re-examine the 2016 Presidential election in all of its misery and ridiculousness, but one thing is inarguable: the Right won the meme war by a landslide. While Hillary Clinton was telling everyone to “Pokemon Go” to the polls and having Lena Dunham make non-viral videos, Trump had an army of motivated 4Chan trolls churning out meme content like a never-ending firehose of kek. For all of their boasts of dominating the digital landscape, the Dems were wildly outclassed. And that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.If you’ve been following Twitter, you might have noticed this perplexing missive from former Secretary of State Clinton:I’m excited to sign up for @Verrit, a media platform for the 65.8 million! Will you join me and sign up too? https://t.co/bOLSMyk6bG— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 3, 2017You probably also noticed the cascade of disbelief and mockery that followed from all ends of the political spectrum. So what is Verrit, and why is it such a ridiculous idea? Read on, my friend.Verrit dot com is a web site on the Internet. It describes itself thusly:“Verrit collects and contextualizes noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes for politically engaged citizens. Each ‘verrit’ is a verified item of information marked with a 7-digit identification code.”First and foremost: trying to introduce a noun into the English language isn’t that easy, guys. Nobody is going to start saying “verrit” when they mean “left-wing meme,” except to make fun of you. These “noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes” are essentially the dull as dishwater macros the Clinton campaign used throughout 2016 to minimal result, except this time with some numbers on the bottom. Here’s an example:So what do those seven digit numbers do, exactly? If you go to Verrit.com and type them in, you’ll… see the same meme. Because it came from Verrit. Sometimes there are some tweets or links to articles on the page, as well as a suspiciously well-curated comments section. But why bother with the “secret code” at all?Verrit is obviously a response to the constant clarion call of “fake news” coming out of the Trump white house, but the people who believe that CNN is covering up a pedophile ring in a pizza parlor aren’t going to be swayed by something this ridiculous. They’re not going to give any sort of credence to the reliability of Verrit – and they shouldn’t! Verrit is basically the CueCat for the 21st century – a piece of technology that nobody needs or wants that fails to solve a problem.Verrit memes have quotes on them. But Verrit doesn’t do anything to ensure those quotes are in context, or correct. It’s just another platform for the increasingly disgraced neoliberal arm of the Democratic Party to pat themselves on the back and feel like they’re making a difference as the world burns around them.The thing is, if this was just some weird project made by a politically active college student or whatever, it wouldn’t be a big deal. People come up with dumb websites all the time. That’s the beauty of the Internet.That’s not what’s happening here, though. The mind behind Verritt is Peter Daou, the smooth jazz musician and longtime Clintonite responsible for the cringe-inducing #HillaryMen hashtag. Daou is notorious on Twitter for his extended meltdowns and possible childhood participation in Lebanese death squads, and his monomaniacal devotion to Hillary as the One True Democratic Savior gets a little creepy. You can bet that there’s fat think tank cash behind Verrit. Daou claims that he and his wife are funding it themselves but would be open to outside investment.There’s already a generator for parody Verrits, where you can write anything you want into it, and it’ll even generate a fake but legit-seeming verification code.People already don’t click on memes to learn more about them, and they sure as hell aren’t going to put in a seven-digit number. Not only that, but since Verrits are images, not text, you can’t even cut and paste. You have to either memorize the damn thing or jot it down on a piece of paper.Hillary Clinton lost to the least popular candidate in Republican history using tactics like this, and while the actual left wing is fighting for a $15 an hour minimum wage, universal health care and reforming the prison system. The Democratic elite is putting all their chips on things like Verrit – bland, offenseless pseudo-memes that deliver no message and convince no one. Nobody involved in this thing has the slightest idea of how to make something that real human beings would want to share, and it shows.“The Left can’t meme” has been a popular rallying cry in the Pepe chud circles for the last year or so, and stuff like Verrit is accidentally proving them right.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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