first_imgQUESTION OF THE DAYWe have been a witness to the confrontation between the PIU and the civilians near the Bakoteh Dumpsite. It was not the type of situation one would want to witness in a new Gambia.The state would need to investigate through a Coroner’s inquest how the death of Lamin Krubally occurred at the Nema Kunku Police Station.We have heard it said over and over again that civilians are becoming unruly and they need to be taught a lesson. Any government which abandons the rule of law and democratic methods runs the risk of building a security apparatus that becomes an instrument of coercion instead of an instrument of protection.If the tension of the Bakoteh Dumpsite could be resolved, would it be difficult to consider that a reoccurrence could also be prevented through dialogue with the executive and diligent action taken to address the legitimate concerns of the people of the area including the children at SOS Village?If the site remains unmanaged as it is now the smoke may emerge again to haunt the little children. That would be a big shame. The state needs to look inwards and address civil security relations in a democratic manner.last_img read more

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