Call to rethink more work-life balance plans

first_imgCall to rethink more work-life balance plansOn 10 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article The Institute of Directors hascalled on the Government to rethink any future commitments to work-life balancepractices, warning that a further increase in family-friendly measures wouldundermine the competitiveness of UK businesses.Its new report,Keeping Britain Competitive: Manifesto for Business, suggests that the UK’sfall down the World Economic Forum league tables is due to increasing labour marketregulation. In 1998, the UK was ranked fourth, but it fell to ninth in 2000.The release of thereport is timed to challenge the Government’s awaited response to the GreenPaper on Work and Parents, which is due out any day.The IoD’s head ofpolicy Ruth Lea said, “The UK has a global economy and must retain itscompetitiveness so that business can thrive and deliver jobs and prosperity forall. Short of closing our borders to trade with the rest of the world, we mustcompete to stay in the race.”In the manifesto, theIoD calls for “sunset clauses” that allow legislation to expireunless there is a “conscious attempt to renew them”.It also urges theGovernment to implement a five-year review of regulations that affectindividual sectors and suggests that the auditing body charged with reviewingthe regulations must be independent of government departments.Lea said, “It isnot just the employment regulations that are onerous for business, the taxsystem is long overdue for simplification and all regulations should havesunset clauses and be regularly and rigorously audited.” Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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