Site planning program five years experience

1, site planning program steps

1. site plan value — content focuses on the solution of what can bring value to customers, and through what ways to realize this kind of value, so as to help the salesman to win orders; in addition, a good solution on the basis of fully mining, analyzing the actual needs of customers, and with professional the web development language, format, to effectively solve the problems on the development direction of communication, data process.

2. pre planning data collection – collection plan data is the key point of success on site planning, it is related to whether can help customers fully accurately analyze and grasp the Internet application value. Often, a scheme fails to win the bid, which is closely related to the methods of information collection, the scope of collection, the executive attitude and the scale of implementation. read more

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Xi’an construction machinery specialized institute website diagnosis user experience

recently began to learn, that will often dream is to buy a car after the completion of new or second-hand car, you buy a new car, before driving to buy a second-hand car, estimated that one day longer than driving car. (just under the illusion that there’s no plan to buy a car yet.)

also wants to learn how to fix the car. Today, a friend’s child is in the Xi’an Engineering Machinery Institute. He says he can help repair the car if he buys it. To tell the truth, I have never heard of this name, before this, the Internet industry out of habit, in Baidu search on the Xi’an mechanical engineering college, going to their school website learning, it does not matter, but I see a lot of problems, for this type of site. The problem is very normal, here today from the following aspects to under the Xi’an Construction Machinery Institute website: read more

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Website promotion in the acquisition of several methods of summing up the chain

website promotion should know the importance of the chain, the chain more, explain your site more important, the weight is higher, ranking is also high. There are a lot of people who have written this kind of article. Please skip it, and here is a summary based on online collection and personal experience. At the same time, we would like to add and make different opinions.

1. own or friend website one-way connection operation: easy effect: good

often said keyword ranking is more than the resources, if you have a relatively high weight of the website can give new one-way connection, webmaster friends more, ask friends to help put a text link, so the best effect. Of course, the premise is that you have other stations or have a good group of webmaster friends; read more

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Network business difficulty webmaster should pay attention to children’s nternet market

Network Entrepreneurship, how many people aspire to goals?. With the growing popularity of the Internet and the gradual application of various applications into our daily life, online entrepreneurship has become a flourishing new term. Whether all Wangzhuan or, or open shop website or, more and more people choose the network business to realize their ambitions. Some people with success or failure, all walks of life in today’s Internet status quo and future development trend, the industry is not difficult to find that the saturation phenomenon is very serious, some of the traditional hot industry, such as portals, search engines, traditional e-commerce, social networking sites, video sites are some of the traditional industry giants firmly in control of the market, either need a lot of burn or need strong technical support, the threshold is very high, the general is not able to get involved in the entrepreneurs. Even if squeezed into the market, it is also able to obtain a satisfactory market share. On the other end, industry differentiation trend, local demand increase, website of various industries, the local community portal in large numbers, increase this part of the market demand for new entrepreneurs bring new opportunities and possibilities. Adsense nets satisfied the overall network, or in reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship, but the difficulty of entrepreneurship is to continue to strengthen. The number of Internet users in the country has reached 360 million, and how to tap the needs of lower level Internet users and create more low-level services has become the basis for the success of Internet start-ups. read more

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