How should the webmaster use the butterfly effect to do nternet Marketing


mentioned the butterfly effect, many friends talked about Wikipedia and knew what the butterfly effect was. There was a butterfly effect under the encyclopedia. But what we are talking about today is not the movie in the video, but one of the forms that originated from this chaotic system is called the butterfly effect. So what is the butterfly effect? Here, I’ll explain to you what the butterfly effect is. Then according to this principle, this principle is put forward by Edward, he explains is: a butterfly flew towards the sky, then accidentally fanned two wings, a long time will lead to a very distant place resulting in a storm. This is called the butterfly effect, that is, the chain reaction. read more

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How to do a good job of domain name security

this article is feeling, recently because of a friend of the owners of domain name and space is the space stolen, causing a hard operation to Baidu 6 of the weight of the site was stolen, webmasters, stolen more than traffic and money, and has been accompanied by net station insist on heart and sweat in the middle of the night is still the hair of the chain of work, people can not help. Therefore, the security of the domain name that is so important, we inform you the webmaster do not hard but refuse agents below to introduce the work, how to choose the domain name registrar security. read more

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s the forum hard to do

recently sees people holding forums that are hard to do,

brothers are a bit stupid, and the current understanding is difficult for the forum, that is to say, the site is easier to do.

I want to say is that they are an interface platform a storage information browsing, there is a little different, now also gradually assimilated, that you see the forum posts to express your feelings, but you see on the website Kanla, there are more ideas you only can go back and write in your blog.

, but now more and more websites add comments / messages to the article, such functions, in fact, I feel that this is already very close to the forum. The only difference is that you can’t make your own subject. read more

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College webmaster must see our way out of English station

, this article was written on January 2009, 00:00. First of all, I wish you all the best of new year’s day.

last time in Admin5 wrote a college student Webmaster: abandon one-sided, dig yourself, many friends asked me how to dig myself, here and everyone simple share, play a role in attracting jade.

now many students are beginning to start a website, but I feel half should not find the right direction, the direction of our people in this age group is particularly important, a good direction is not only promising, but also accumulated valuable experience for you (this is your future competitiveness), can give a simple example: if a friend made an entertainment station, and every day to update their site, fill it with original content, the final results have achieved good results, with a steady flow and certain income. We can see, this friend is considered to be the success of the webmaster, but his future is unknown. As a personal webmaster, most of them are in their own update site, it will spend a lot of time, so there are many students fail the exam we get income, at the same time, more likely to lose. Perhaps some people will say, how do you know my website no prospects, maybe I’ll get a VC venture, but really we can not afford to gamble, as the home of the mobile phone that site can be said to be one in a million. read more

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From the optimization of coffee machine industry Station Analysis of data on the site SEO what rol

talked about the optimization of the website can not only know the promotion and SEO technology, the data analysis is also used as a SEOer personnel the necessary skills, when a site in the operation process, to grasp the new trend of the operation effect of the industry or competitors at this time would be on site for data analysis, from the data to understand the website operation effect, from the data to understand the real needs of users, to grasp the dynamic change of users, adjust and optimize the strategy that can optimize the site effect at any time, to improve the website keyword ranking, improve the user’s conversion, can be said to do data analysis is to adjust the site optimization strategy of the vane, is to understand the real needs of the user index. In order to make people understand its importance more clearly, the author takes the website which is optimized at present about the sale coffee machine as a case to explain in detail. read more

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A5 set up a bridge of credibility for the owner’s trade

      mention stationmaster net Admin5, the netizen of general likelihood is not familiar, did not hear even at all. But in the vast majority of small and medium-sized webmaster in this group, this name is known as webmaster. Admin5 aims to provide a wide range of consulting and communication platforms for grassroots Internet users – small and medium owners. Here, almost all over the country more than 90% of small and medium-sized Adsense, as well as IDC merchants and advertising alliance. All the resources here the webmaster can almost find what they want, including the site SEO optimization experience, knowledge, experience planning guidance, Wangzhuan, all the latest news on the internet. There are problems, the webmaster network. Has long become the consensus of the vast numbers of stations. Admin5 and the webmaster formed a two-way communication platform, the webmaster not only understand the latest industry news, also have a communication and promotion of their place. Not only to benefit webmasters, but also to promote the development of Admin5 itself, and now Admin5 has become a leader in the class site. read more

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Baidu K station after the re included experience summary

about May, my secretarial chowder network by Baidu K, the beginning of a station, suddenly from over 5000 at no hard work, no show, all of a sudden from the bustling become information islands, dismal mood I want to be the webmaster K have the experience. Happy is in late October 12th, Baidu beauty again, suddenly grabbed my more than 4000 page, site, the kind of well-being by born however, six months, I came out of the shadows.

review these six months, I reflect on, summed up the re collected experience for webmaster reference: read more

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Dai Renguang under the new record system personal Adsense will go from here

recently wrote an article about the article "a record filing website posted, look at why you failed to record", thought that the reason for the failure of a summary record, that is not a problem, I did not expect the new filing system launched this post complete failure. The new filing system has increased the number of photos taken, and then there should be photos everywhere, but also to increase the responsibility of access providers, the site should pass three checkpoints audit. From a certain extent, it does regulate the domestic site, but the intensity of the blow, let the domestic circle in fear and panic, because the record is not clear, there is a risk of closure of the site at any time. Especially some are doing BBS, do blog, do SNS, do mall webmaster, especially worried about their next step how to walk. Then, the new filing system specific details have not yet come out, we also do a bold prediction, about the introduction of the new filing system, the future of the webmaster will go from here. read more

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Domain name investment positioning can not leave the basis for network development and user aspirati

domain name is the Internet investment investment in the form of a mature way of investment, the investment domain has developed for 10 years in China, but the investment domain is hot or start in Tianmao network domain, but also from that time began to countless stationmaster into this industry investment domain, thus a large number of domain names, domain name city Shuangpin domain names have been registered, creative, and domain name investors if you want? If your domain name has value, whether attractive? This is actually the foundation of domain name investment. read more

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Game user experience creative thinking


recently in contact with some of the game information station, a study found that a lot of new things, have to say the industry. Compared with the enterprise station have more fun, feel good fun, the game itself to the main entertainment, so the small C briefly talk about how to make the game information stand in the user experience to do more innovation.

game stand generally to the articles, pictures and video assisted websites, main content: introduction and skills, or some other means of cheating, involving all aspects of any customer needs is our pursuit. read more

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