gnore the website structure the optimization of Shanghai dragon may give up halfway


is to create internal links on each page, and the chain of coordinated planning, creating a bridge from another part of the part of the web site. Bread crumbs and related links can make web crawling and internal links automatically.

how to improve the website can capture


website can capture is one of the most important factors in the structure of the website. Can crawl is refers to the whole text search engine is able to grasp the target site, to understand the target site is about what. A part of the crawling process is to browse pages and a single theme, in order to understand the whole website. read more

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One Piece Video Site cited a good flow of methods DaquanNever respond to content alliances

       ;       the above two points, you have to join the Content Alliance, and then rely on search engines to grab your data, such a model is definitely not feasible.

my station, ky530

4. a lot of content alliance did not provide flexible advertising, and even some of the alliance can only bring benefits to your PV, advertising rights is not set, it is in your traffic for others to earn advertising fees.

just opened an article that gave a more comprehensive description of content alliances, but I’d advise you not to do Content Alliance. read more

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nterpreting the elements of love affects the optimization strategy of Shanghai new era of search ra

third, timeliness. Mainly in the timeliness of news, such as many industry portals such as Sina, "love Shanghai, these platform itself has a lot of correspondents around will, for example in the entertainment event of the latest entertainment information of these platforms are the first time to obtain first-hand information, and as a personal webmaster, of course we can’t go to fight these things and others, to our personal website for example, if your operation if it is local website, as itself can act as the identity of the reporter, can be the first time to grasp the local effective information, timeliness of information is the best embodiment of the requirements of the love of Shanghai. Usually observe, think more, summed up many believe that you will have a pair of eye. read more

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The chain and relevance of the original should be how to grasp

consider or a reason: website optimization time periodic problem. I believe most of the webmaster is now to the enterprise or a small portal website promotion. The boss is, want is a ranking, it is good for him, what he wanted. Don’t mention what the boss understand, understand what are you doing? So in the final with low score or clear this side of the weight, remember you than he is professional, you are doing promotion for him, he didn’t ask you to do what is what to do, this confident webmaster should still be there. read more

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Schema org multiple search engines combined to create a richer network

1) contains a lot of new types of marks.

creative works: creative works, books, movies, music, recipes, TV series

              Abstract: an example of rich web enhanced by structured markup search results. In this case, the summary page contains rich pictures, comments and recipes for cooking time.  


with the webmaster community of rich web page summary by the rapid rise in the rate now, we can display the search results in the rich web page summary has reached more than ten times two years ago at the beginning of the. read more

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Search engine fine text reproduced and unspoken rule acquisition Tianrang to do

will be down right? The search engine optimization, content in the website to the original original lifeline, therefore, to do original false original, even the acquisition tool. However, regardless of whether you can really get to the pseudo original content optimization effect, and whether the nature of the articles reprinted collection equal? Most people think that "reprint" is the "acquisition", and the main difference is that human action is reproduced, "collection" is more qualitative for artificial program code. However, in the process of search engine optimization, search engine unspoken rule for both qualitative is different, this article analysis: read more

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Shanghai dragon Er content of the work is the chain how simple You’re wrong!



two, the industry and to determine the site keyword classification

sites do Shanghai Longfeng goal is to achieve a high conversion rate of flow, backstepping, high conversion rate of the flow of the first is to have the user search, there is traffic, traffic will need to want to have enough website keywords have good rankings in search engines.


is in the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is almost synonymous with the Commissioner of the chain, in the end what work of Shanghai Longfeng employees? Is it really just change the site title and meta meta tags, and then to yourself the chain and the original, false original article read more

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Some examples of analytical software download site optimization tips

classification based on keywords

A5 before they see a lot around the author mentioned Website Title weight is very high, and very sensitive to this place, once finalized do not change, if you change the frequent words will be regarded as cheating spider. In addition, when the web site keywords optimization, combined with the title title, will play a multiplier effect.

after several months of exploration and optimization, the site now to the home page, though not before three, but also the next day this has been updated snapshot, read more

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Facebook officially opened the map search privacy information into the risks

NetEase Francisco July 9th message, according to foreign media reports, Facebook on Monday officially open to all users of the search function. The search engine will provide the most direct query function for Facebook data.

although Zuckerberg make such a promise, but as a user, you should also take some time to look at Facebook’s privacy settings, to ensure that some do not want to be unnecessary to search information be shared.

founder and CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) released a map search in a few months ago had privacy concerns said: "every information content has its own audience, most of the content is not open, you are only allowed to search for your sharing of information." read more

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For some personal views on the new Shanghai Dragon

in the construction of the station should establish their own keywords which, how competition dynamics. Generally speaking for the novice webmaster not suitable for some of the more popular keywords, and instead choose some less popular keywords. In the confirmation of good keywords and should be confirmed according to the key words to write the title and description of the website, you must be careful, because it should not change the title and description once written, otherwise it will directly affect the effect of Shanghai dragon. read more

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