T ‘m not a grass root jour am just an entrepreneurOn my Wangzhuan experience

doesn’t recommend making money online as a major job, preferably part-time as part of your spare time. Because it’s a long-term job, it takes at least six months to a year or more to build a large offline group, depending on how much you can do and how much time you spend.

IT grass root recurrent Videometer palpitations, although I am claiming workers but I also venture, I’m grass root but I am very motivated. Let the same on the road of hard struggle, we can not help but shed tears. read more

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16388 audio and video advertising alliance deducted a penalty of tenThe development of Airbnb billio

Airbnb CEO Brian Cheski Brian Chesky and co-founder Jo Gbia Joe Gebbia, Nathan Bly Cass Ark Nathan Blecharczyk will be held in the general assembly to give designers empty bedroom rental in San Francisco on October 2007. The short lease became the prototype of Airbnb later. In memory, the three founders named the company Airbnb, AirBed and Breakfast air bed and breakfast, because there were no other furniture in the empty room that was rented at that time except the air cushion bed.

NetEase Francisco March 21st message, "the Wall Street journal" comment author of travel website Airbnb rental in the new round of financing $10 billion valuation of news, reviews the development of the company. read more

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Share two hours of building site earn thirty of the experienceWebsites can’t aim at human weakness

love like thyself. Do unto you. The two golden laws and precious rules of interpersonal relationship can be used in the practice of office network civilization. We want to ask the website operators and editors who are making money for human weakness: do you want your family, especially your parents, spouse and children, to go to this website? If you don’t want it, you shouldn’t do it on your own initiative.

recently, in order to beautify the image of the city, we have carried out a massive clean-up small advertising campaign. And some departments have also made special provisions, who found paste small advertisers, together with advertisers, accompanied by heavy penalties. This trick is really effective, the Ordinance introduced, streets and lanes can no longer see the dense advertising. At first, many people clapped their hands and thought their living conditions improved at last. But later people have found these ads on their own or very helpful, for example, some people in the toilet is blocked, but they did not repair; some people put the keys in the house, you need to unlock the professional personnel; and the need for liquefied gas, clean glass and so on. But after these tough problems, people can not quickly contact the domestic company, and for those who do domestic business, can not find customers is equivalent to lost his job. read more

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The happiness of the web site has to suffer from the web

tampered with the lines of a popular movie, and I said the happiness of the desired web site had to suffer from the web’s painful words. This two months, for me, it is my first the earth trembled and the mountains swayed; Baidu website drop right, Baidu keyword in the related rows in the first four or five years, gave him out to the first page, do not know why a lot of "out of order; but in front of me, I do not dare to say the website of Shenzhen the part-time network do the best, but if not, how the number of sites in Shenzhen part-time we can finish it now? All except Baidu search engine keyword first we still. Is a blog blog, Ali mother’s advertising page, 3721 of the ad page, there are some eight hundred years do not update the site is better than I stand read more

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By Baidu K it means that your station is half dead

is Baidu K, can restore??? Two weeks ago a small forum I was K, search a lot of posts, said Baidu human K station, it is difficult to put out, the group of people said, for the meters, I check my website now put this morning out, happy, write down the things to think, Baidu seal station is not artificial, is a program, put out the opportunity is not, after all my 15 days to put out.

my station, 08 years in August 1st, has been K once, traffic greatly reduced. After August 1st, changed the name, estimated to be K I can think of is the acquisition, because the forum posts are collected, and then put on the advertising, was K after more than 10 days I did not want to give up the tube, and sent an email to Baidu mail, so I write the: I am wrong, do stand, I accumulated a lot of key words: video tutorial, now clear, after do, will do a good station, a good man, the message is issued, just 3 days, ha ha, stand out, but the funny thing is, I stand there is no accumulation over the words, no more accumulation of video tutorials, what I did not delete the contents of the site, but the original default home page http://s.pkqfc.cn/bbs.php into a http://s.pkqfc.cn.. read more

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Website application heart and do not fine not sincere can’t move

in February 12th, Lu Songsong publicly denied the blog comments, comments, promotion methods he had previously made on his blog, claiming that he was responsible for the spam flooding that resulted from this promotion.

in less than two years, released for potential users of the original blog contents on the basis of the submissions, blog visits, micro-blog promotion and other promotional methods through continuous updating the original unknown Lu Songsong became famous blog blog.

immediately, Lou loose blog promotion type method is more blog webmaster to copy, the owners hope that through a simple imitation of his blog success. So more irrigation blog reviews (phishing reviews) flood over independent blogs. read more

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s the page open with the original window or opened with a new window for easier browsing

What is the

page using the new window open, or open the current page is quite good, I am afraid this is each one according to his lights, then Tianjin scaffolding rental shallow talk about their own views.

first look at the pros and cons of these two ways of opening:

new window opens:


1) users can browse multiple pages at the same time, very convenient, and if browsing similar pages, then users will compare themselves, is conducive to improving the conversion rate.

2) used to open the new window, before users generally do not immediately close the page, a new window and the old window will have traffic, enhance the PV value of the site, while reducing the bounce rate, which will improve the weight of our web site. read more

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Through the establishment of overseas websites let us gather Four Seas Chinese

webmaster to overseas students, establish a website to promote the exchange of local Chinese and domestic friends in need to understand the local situation in their spare time, the establishment of the early Chinese website has many successful website, not only prosperity, and use the site to bring objective benefits.

aspiring youth, if you set up a local Chinese website, I would like to take the Poland Chinese information network as an example.

one, search local Chinese website

is the first to investigate the market, if the local had a Chinese website, see his website popularity and practicality, if only the shell, good! You have to do is to replace him. If the local site has innumerable, such as Germany, Italy and other countries, so to market segmentation, for example, do the website or the local Chinese students, avoiding the other advantage of the website, to open up new way to their own. read more

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Several suggestions for selecting a virtual host

select a good virtual host, we need to pay attention to the following:

1, virtual hosting strength, now do virtual hosting businesses too much, sunny, before the purchase of dragons and fishes jumbled together, virtual host, to review their qualifications, is not a certification authority, there is no formal business license ICP. Although it can not be judged by this point alone, it can serve as a reference for the first pass.

2, virtual host speed, to test more. It is better to try your website at different locations, different time periods and different ways of connection, and see how fast the virtual host is. Don’t forget that practice is one of the means to test the truth. read more

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The Webmaster how to realize network promotion by Dongfeng

beginners are impatient. Learning SEO is full of curiosity and puzzled, when slowly contact SEO deep, more and more feel SEO, in fact, there are many things to learn, not simply do a website can call it seo. SEO is the accumulation of time and experience. Just begin to contact SEO, I also like SEO and many beginners do not know, so I want to master all the knowledge in the hands of hungry Oh, but gradually I found that in fact I do not, because even if I was learning the theoretical knowledge of all, and not the actual operation of a website like empty talk. In the process of real SEO, many problems will be encountered, and practical problems should be solved. read more

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