Facebook officially opened the map search privacy information into the risks

NetEase Francisco July 9th message, according to foreign media reports, Facebook on Monday officially open to all users of the search function. The search engine will provide the most direct query function for Facebook data.

although Zuckerberg make such a promise, but as a user, you should also take some time to look at Facebook’s privacy settings, to ensure that some do not want to be unnecessary to search information be shared.

founder and CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) released a map search in a few months ago had privacy concerns said: "every information content has its own audience, most of the content is not open, you are only allowed to search for your sharing of information." read more

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For some personal views on the new Shanghai Dragon

in the construction of the station should establish their own keywords which, how competition dynamics. Generally speaking for the novice webmaster not suitable for some of the more popular keywords, and instead choose some less popular keywords. In the confirmation of good keywords and should be confirmed according to the key words to write the title and description of the website, you must be careful, because it should not change the title and description once written, otherwise it will directly affect the effect of Shanghai dragon. read more

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2013 Shanghai dragon dilemma

picture 3: following the use of this software is one of the many Shanghai dragon master before buying all know: Scindapsus algorithm prior to XXXX com[here is not at all] website main keywords ranking top three love Shanghai, long tail keywords up to more than 600, 6 of the weight of love Shanghai. After this algorithm Scindapsus aureus, the site has been basically nothing:

webmaster should know, the chain has become fashionable for a time in blogs and forums on the signature, most of them have been blocked, few can also send, its main purpose is to attract the spider. read more

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A NB technology venture failed to rethink whether to continue making products or making moneyn the

friend nearly 3 years of entrepreneurship, their money, did not receive a penny of wages from the company, it is with the breath. He asked my advice, I suggest, do a thorough transformation time, give up this product, do first profitable outsourcing, can do? He said very tangled.

!Well done

. At the time when looking at the vertical business community in the United States is good, anxious to start, think of products made out of refinancing, the two years after the concept is no longer affected by investors pursued, itself did not consider how to make money. read more

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E mail advertising market in ChinaHow do you experience branding Let products into households

according to iResearch iResearch launched the latest "2004 Chinese Network Advertising Research Report" data show that in 2004 China license E-mail marketing not including email mail carriers to their members, and enterprises to take advantage of their members to send Email market marketing with the size of 70 million yuan, in 2005, 2006. Reached 90 million yuan and 110 million yuan.

2 target population

good case: Xinhua online to see an article "the Secretary" to Taobao, 27 year old Xu Xiaolei after graduation in the Mission District, while the traditional work mode cannot mobilize the enthusiasm of young people, by Taobao shopping gave him a great inspiration, like online shopping, because of its has the characteristic of "convenient", once again after shopping to fill in the evaluation, he suddenly thought of Taobao is an infinite open platform, which can accommodate thousands of people, and the party building work need to adopt opinions, if used in this way to take advice, must improve the quality of work, to apply for consent in class, in 2011, a "360 youth service concept store shop in the Taobao platform, and ushered in the" hot business ", in this regard, the Mission District continues to expand the scope of services, the formation of a The "red Amoy Communist service station" in the "360 youth service concept store" be made one for "red Amoy shop", the public buyers through Taobao Wangwang, published and voluntary or have any need, can according to the demand of pat can, through the network platform to collect public opinion and understanding of the people, get the best feedback. read more

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The site within the chain anchor text you ignore the importance of

collected from growth in web content Perspective


first, see

finally, from the perspective of

in order to improve site weight from the second, improve the user experience perspective

station to see their own point of view in the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER in essence of the content in the appropriate anchor text for the link to the construction of the chain in the site, but from the user’s standpoint, this is a kind of implementation of the substantive content after reading guidance, such as the user is interested in or is confused place, make the anchor text related links, users are more likely to find themselves interested in the topic, along with the baidu algorithm to update, the user experience is now a critical standard Baidu website scoring, the most intuitive judgment of the user experience good or bad is a website PV, when the PV value is high at the moment of the site love is possible by the user, if the substance has the anchor text link to this site, to treat Chen descriptions and links in a place to own website, baidu It is easy to judge the substance by the station was original, this point you can go to the "Chong Shanghai dragon website how to do fine shallow content construction of" see, the user experience is a very important problem. read more

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The origin of the website of Shanghai Dragon those things about the site outside the chain


2. blog chain. This is a way I admired. Because of the weight of the chain is relatively high, but also more stable. Of course, the chain blog is "to keep out the attention of your blog. You want to make this blog "grown up", and the hair of the chain. A just for the blog chain in which you hair is no effect or no effect. Many readers have a lot of complaints nofollow tags in the blog, and resulted in no increase in weight. But, please remember the role of the chain is not only the weight, the more important is that it is an entrance. read more

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Through simple methods and tools for analysis of vehicle keywords data

then drag the cell. All this keyword data are out.

then click, more keywords.

back to the quantum statistics interface, select the basic data, the same, the selected baby reports, promotion plan, data period (the same with the above selected period of time). Click start to query

, a data acquisition, each about three minutes.

entered the shop by quantum Hengdao – Transformation – three days of data transformation, here is a selection of baby conversion report, promotion plan, data query time, start. read more

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Why do you love Shanghai without the search site map


in the quality of the content and relative ranking about the site, and when users search keyword search engine to a web site with the web content inside the picture, the user clicks are more pictures with a website, but not with pictures of the site because of the lack of people clicked on, after a period of search engine to update the list, not with pictures of the website ranking drop down a lot, even there is no rank only included. A search engine for the main factors of keywords ranking or reference user click behavior, if your website ranking in a period of time there is no user search click access, then your website means that they do not create value for the user, the search engine will reduce your web site keywords ranking or get rid of your web site keywords ranking, the ranking of keywords assigned to other sites, this is why your site for a period of time is not a ranking, ranking one of the important reasons. After some time read more

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Yang Nanqiang how to improve the accuracy of the anchor text chain

The correlation between

use the third party platform outside the chain construction is the most important link in the process of Shanghai dragon, and fully demonstrated the overall traffic to improve keyword ranking effect, need to start from the inside and outside of the station, the station building links the importance of the anchor text can’t be seen. How to achieve the effectiveness of the link anchor text is very important, which often need to grasp the anchor text selection accuracy, anchor text correlation to link text accurately. read more

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ndustry website content updates to a reasonable response to the needs of three

3. different soft Wen promotion needs. We say respect for copyright, does not mean that can make promotion for malicious advertising, and some still illegal. With the popular DZ forum, the number of registered machine, posting machine is popular, many forums, impossible to guard against harm. If this is not good to take preventive and management measures, will affect the user experience, and may even cause the search engine punishment. Of course, some of the high quality of the release of the soft, suits and how our website theme, or should be allowed, he can to some extent make up for our rice pot without suffering. read more

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How to analyze the details of Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram by love


in love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram, visitor behavior and page all indicators are reflected in the form of numbers. What is the meaning of these figures? How is calculated? What is the difference between the meaning and definition of index numbers of the

so we do Shanghai dragon love Shanghai how to use the statistical thermodynamic diagram analysis of "


the number of clicks is calculated?

Shanghai dragon, I want to love the Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram will not be unfamiliar. It is through the intuitive way to show visitors click behavior in web pages, and can tell you a different location, different style links and content popularity. read more

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How to do website layout so that search engine website by the Qing Mei

2:H2 label: "best not more than two times, is the main content. But the best and H1 tags were placed in different content, it is best to add some long tail keywords. Example: how to make a good website. How to manage web site


7 kinds of commonly used label correct use method is as follows:


3: ALT picture labels: search spider is not only able to look at the pictures, ALT pictures to describe qualitatively the contents of this picture.

2: if there are some columns to appear on the site but not how to update or use, which we can ban the spider crawling in the robots.txt file. The method is: read more

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Overflow in the optimized enterprise homepage design sketch

the head of the page are generally put this enterprise logo, needless to say, every enterprise has its own unique logo. The importance of logo I will not bothersome, logo to find the best professional designer. Then add favorites, RSS subscription. Convenient collection and subscribe to your site visitors. Of course, favorites and RSS subscribers can refer to the actual situation of their own decisions with or without.


most enterprise website because the product is not much, leading to lack of website content. So the main content update is industry news, if the news is more difficult to write, or may not have so much news, in fact here can be replaced with "user notes" the use of other products. It is easy to write original articles, but also for the user experience is also very good, customers come to your website is not. read more

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Lantianting analysis how to look at Taobao brandished a knife to large flow activities

A few days ago, The specific contents are as follows:

in the flow of the activities of the market, taobao贵族宝贝 store has a threshold, usually requires a certain degree of credibility, while Taobao mall sign up is generally not a problem, unless operating very outrageous. As a result, even if Taobao mall sellers get a new product in large flow activities, but due to the influence of the ranking is greatly reduced, this is an opportunity for the market shop, in a short period of time, the number of transactions on the influence of the ranking, bazaar shop and shop mall status is almost equal, but please pay attention to. This is just a short time read more

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Senior bidding paid search solution must have the ability to

in industry verticals such as financial services, automotive, education, customers engaged with brands across many contact points. For example, consumers want to buy a new car may download a booklet for quotations, and before the purchase, find a dealer.


therefore, during use these incomplete data the purchase price, not profit maximization. In order to solve the switching delay, search engine marketing solutions to bidding, so they can be excluded from the calculation of the bid in recent days. Dynamic extension or shorten the rolling out of the window, according to business needs, achieve the best purchase price, a complete picture of the paid search based on performance. read more

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Six long tail keywords optimization method

can share to WeChat, micro-blog, QQ or QQ group, Post Bar, watercress, bidding are some good drainage method. Need to be screened according to their own industry and products, choose a suitable way for external drainage.

is simple in terms of search terms is very long, but the user may search this word can be called the long tail keywords.

two, well within the station in chain

five, external flow guide

so for how to optimize the long tail keywords? Dallas Shanghai Longfeng share six long tail keywords optimization direction. Don’t know how to dig the long tail word can be read: five long tail keywords mining method is the most effective. read more

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Shanghai dragon more adhere to the self is king

first off, I’m not the title of the party. Recently some people ask me what to do, Shanghai dragon, as a novice how to entry, even their jobs are not too clear, generally not called the editor is Shanghai dragon or the Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain. The Shanghai dragon novice don’t know what they are engaged in the work, even the significance of the work do not know what is more even knowing their work significance, but still make their work for the post.

first, the weight of the site itself, the weight of the high site more easily than the web site weight by favor, so even in the face of Shanghai Longfeng operation problems caused by the same ranking drop down right, a series of problems such as the weight of the high site easier to recover, the main performance in the domain name of the website, the website structure website, website program, time and other aspects reflected. read more

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Take over the show when analyzing the optimization process and results of a month

website from the perspective of optimization of the chain and the PR is not enough, so the first to proceed from these two points, I always think that basic construction site is very important, only the foundation of stability, in the future development of the more powerful when it will not fall.

The resignation of

took over the show when the net after inertia on its overall review of a weight, included, snapshots, chain, chain, PR, world ranking, keyword ranking, interface style, user experience and so on, the whole website is still relatively strong, the user experience is good, really help for users, it has a fixed number of users. It contains about three million, ranking twenty thousand in the world, the website weight can also personally feel that the whole is very good. read more

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Reason analysis of website ranking stagnant

site was K, ranking recovery soon. Because the company has launched 7 new sites. So the need for the record. To check the relevant departments, we have found the record 2. So we have to cancel one another, to the next.


4. site was K

keyword accumulation, but I will never use black hat cheating, not by what brush ranking software group. Are very hard to keep the original information released every day 2-4 article. But suddenly one day, my website inexplicably pulled the hair, all snapshots, ranking all is 0. Then I made love Shanghai complaints. So for about a week, my website ranking back, but has not so, are not included in the snapshot. Hey, here, I have a sad. Now my website ranking than after K. read more

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