The mobile nternet era Shanghai dragon in this bowl smashed to

why the traditional PC era, Shanghai dragon is needed? Only one reason: to get more opportunities, and thus stimulate the reservation and brand transformation.

1. Social media make brand marketing upgrade from the opposite point to point to point, the brand is not important, but attract, attract users active dissemination, initiated the effect of N points from a point, the chain propagation N points spread to N*N points, the Shanghai dragon has no social effect the media have

ten years, many Shanghai dragon er with Shanghai dragon, with love Shanghai and nobility baby to create a successful business one after another, the 58 city has 70% of the traffic from the Shanghai dragon and his successful listing, said most of the traffic from the beautiful love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon hao123 has stunned his own do 2 billion. The income of… There was a large number of companies. Because Shanghai Longfeng do too well, leading to "provoke" the love of Shanghai gold master, had to love Shanghai cast a huge advertising. SEM… Can be said that 10 years, Shanghai Longfeng achievement of a large number of storied company, and this group of companies is now the mainstay of the Internet China. read more

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The Shanghai dragon advanced three steps to perfect

The weight of

actually, each stage of Shanghai dragon is not what boundaries, when the third stage is a continuous learning process of charging, share good experience for Shanghai Longfeng practice, do not just stare at the eyes to increase the number of the chain, every day there are technical methods improve, this is the you have to reach the third stage, as it is a very simple process, but the real practice will find easier said than done really is very difficult.

in my opinion, this.

site has been improved, a lot of blog, the chain forum may have been saturated almost, this needs to be outside the chain of quality, can choose in some high weight site submission, like Admin5, station, DoNews is a good choice, if approved, respect the original reproduced in general will you keep the link, this time will bring you a lot of reprint chain. read more

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The original is not good with the user experience of the original is really good

to be able to solve the problem or reflect the current information

clear website theme, content must be consistent with the theme of

The >

from the figure we can see the contents of this website are all related to the construction of two divisions, which allows us to understand a truth, what is the theme of the site, so we content writing is what direction, can not be cross site theme to write, write the article that no users will love to see. For example: the user search keywords A two construction division of the word into your website, finally found in search content in your site has many related graduate articles, the user A shook his head off you ". No matter whether your website content is original in the user A is worthless article. read more

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The website included snapshot low Teach you a few strokes easily increase included snapshot

said many webmaster website application easily, want to site bigger and stronger special difficulties. Do soft Wen promotion page, but also wrote included in the site is still very low, in fact, I want to say is your website promotion time? Website content update frequency is? If you don’t know much about your own website of these two questions, I want you to use a search engine to search. It is clear. Today we see I wrote the article not to listen to lessons, want to know to improve the recording and snapshot method, I’m not here a long and minute statement, into the theme of the direct method to increase the recording and snapshot of my purse granted. read more

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The site is blocked behind several search engines


external links including unstable chain has no regularity, less time, increase the number of links within a short period of time, such behavior will be regarded as cheating in search engine. In addition, the poor quality of the external links, is a waste of the chain, come and go, in other words, the chain lost too quickly, for example, before I know what to do in Shanghai love to answer a quiz, random points, and then leave your own web site, seemingly soon be recorded but, after a while it has been deleted, the most sad is that I love Shanghai know site web shield. read more

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Two do stand experience Shanghai dragon is the insistence on innovation and


Shanghai DragonThe first time I

It is important to adhere to the

used in the course of work, every day to see a lot of A5 and news of webmaster Wangzhuan, see how to make the number of days the very heart, so quit business has been in my mind for brewing, but their technology is not enough, afraid to resign later can’t even support himself, so has been dragged in. But as time goes on, the idea gradually formed in the heart, until one day, determined to start the real owners of the road. read more

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To love some experiences in Shanghai adjustment algorithm

, the first Shanghai to further improve the weight of love; love is the Encyclopedia of Shanghai netizens continue to edit, modify, edit and revise again, in short has been revised for several times, users who really need to answer, compared to other sites you love Shanghai more authoritative encyclopedia, Wikipedia in Shanghai to promote love in the ranking results, can effectively improve the relevance of search results.

second, a large-scale industry website or portal website promotion weight; read more

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404 error page Shanghai dragon and the usability of the war


1: Generally speaking, ordinary users are not aware of the 301 redirect. If a mobile web content, users do not need to know he was moving, they just want the above information.

when your site on a page does not exist, a 404 error page can display prompts the user related information. 404 error page can be friendly to users that the current request (page, pictures, video and so on) can not be used temporarily. Usually a 404 error page back to the browser and search engine is 404 status code. However, when it comes to dealing with deleted and broken links, for the use of 404 error page problem is the conflict between website usability and search engine optimization. read more

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From the stop free now look at the development of blog to present

For a very simple example of

today’s Internet products to pay attention to what it is, and then quickly establish contact to obtain information, the development of value which is a quick word to destroy the blog view. Because the blog is based on a fixed population, as if it is to have the same jazz, fixed demand to the people, rather than a bulletin board, through the dissemination of information to find information foragers. Blog is the focus of the text is beautiful and the connotation. No other, it is enough to make a feature of blog in the fast-food culture today to lose the advantages of development. read more

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Make three suggestions to identify the search engine JavaScript Flash pictures

three, if use a picture as the site navigation, you can add ALT tags in the picture as auxiliary.

two, at the bottom of the page or other significant parts placed in HTML format sitemap website. The sitemap includes each page, column links, if small website can be the website page links are added in the above. Since this will be more conducive to the spider crawling.


A5 all good friends, the science and technology blog glad to meet with you again. I believe you are experiencing the same troubles: design using flash, JavaScript script, picture as the site navigation, and to beautify their own website, in order to achieve a better user experience, increase the loyalty of the website. But it did not get good rankings, but has not been included. This problem you are more or less encountered, the reason is because the vast majority of picture identification information search engine spiders not very good. Now I will introduce myself in the web site, some experience, hoping to attract. read more

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Look in the construction of the chain with slash and space benefits from the perspective of Shanghai

web site outside the chain contains a slash. From the angle of integrity of the chain, with diagonal URL address can be a complete address, can show a complete URL address, address the chain that the search engine crawl is more favorable. Search engines crawl and crawl speed will be faster. Transfer the weight of the chain of view, format complete site outside the chain is not complete site outside the chain with weight better, this is because the search engine no ground for blame, when entering another website from a website which is often love ending address, rather than the cop-out half a melon, so that the two sites in the invisible and obtain the weight lifting. We can also from the search results to see clues, as shown below, we can see in the search results, search engine is more desirable in the full URL address. read more

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A detailed analysis of the domain name of Shanghai Dragon

but how to query the domain name is what time is the search engines are included, is a difficult problem. In twenty-first Century, the basic can be found almost, but in 1990s the old domain name only through the "Internet Archive" to the roots ", the Internet Archive (The Internet Archive)" was established in 1996, which included regular and permanent preservation of the global website can capture the information. Here the archives plan is divided into six major parts, the second part is the query URL: 贵族宝贝 ", this part has a special name, called" Wayback Machin> "(back in time machine read more

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Do Shanghai dragon to teach you how to choose the site keywords

4, from the user’s point of view is the key to


broad keyword competition is very big, want to do keyword ranking to the top ten or twenty money, to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands can not terrible, but the millions of sentences, even if your website of this kind of key words in the front row, this kind of search keywords user’s purpose is very broad no, sure, the conversion rate will be very low, so the input-output ratio will make you lose it, when I was in optimization of an enterprise station T, he made such a mistake, because the choice of keywords home filled up with competitive price, the competition is very fierce, and finally to the second page ranking very little, bring the phone, and put into serious proportion. read more

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Four do the summary of construction of the external links

The weight of high quality

increased the speed of the external links here to talk about old age, is generally not too fast. Each website has a degree, many webmaster use mass software, you can instantly make your site’s external links increase tens of thousands of, this is certainly not desirable. A normal site is not likely to get a lot of external links in a short period of time, even as some portals can not be so suddenly, of course, the way people except through manipulation. This is where the search engine has been hit. read more

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Do let health website search engine did not despise you

two, to attract users back to

1, let users forget thinking, for example: in the content of the article added: you may be interested in the contents of other users interested? Interesting? We can recommend the contents of

we go to the hotel or go to the store consumption, you can visit the reason for what is it? I want to have a more comfortable, decoration, good service attitude is two, three is the product selectivity. As a web site, the site is your beautiful decoration, a look disgusting appearance of the website is to keep users. So if you want to make a brand website, leave your users, the appearance of the site is very important, if you are not very professional, so spend some money, let the people earn money to let people earn. How is your website’s customer service telephone service? 400 to your site, if not, suggest you go to apply for. Online IM software consulting with it, if not, in the information era is so advanced, so you out. Now the user demand is diverse, some users love to use telephone communication, some users love to use IM communication, so try to consider the needs of your users, good service performance. The final site > read more

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A5 Marketing websites that are unaware of the dancing on the wire

for this, A5 marketing to remind the majority of enterprises and the webmaster content between a large number of the same station ban, if you can not ensure that each substation are independent enough, then please call site links, or cancel the sub station type display.

thought for a long time the topic, how to start? Or the last one such title begins. Before meeting some consulting clients in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis there will always be people who will say: "you say my website so much, but my ranking is not low! If I have a problem, why didn’t I love Shanghai to drop right?" often the last laugh and go. read more

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Five pseudo original web series method

read the whole article, summing up the article in your own language, a reference to the original title to modify the original title, if the content is very detailed, it can be fuzzy, or vice versa, the title is the most important for the website, the search engine trust, even directly copied from the content. As long as the change in the title, the same will be considered original.

> 3)

1, understand the industry knowledge

5, the text reflect the skills of Keywords Each

network series must first read the article, then pseudo original, the amount of days and months multiplying down, reading is very large, so the reading speed is too slow, read a line of text 4, 5 seconds, and the whole article reading to understand the core content. read more

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2012 electronic commerce affects the small and medium sized enterprises

: the first change in the business environment of


second: change management mode of enterprise

e-commerce is also affecting the change of enterprise management mode and management mode, the enterprise internal management has had a huge impact, requires companies to make the overall strategy and tactics on the corresponding adjustment, to adapt to the changes of business environment. In e-commerce mode, changed the original organizational structure of enterprises, changes in various departments, corporate orders Pyramid is no longer a closed structure, but the mutual communication network structure learning; workflow automation, artificial control machine to reduce the error of reducing the cost of human resources, make enterprise whole process more accurately fast. Senior business leaders is no longer playing experience and traditional roles, but generous guides and operators, leading enterprises to seek survival and development in the network economy, the competitive environment, occupy a larger market share. read more

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Can not ignore the details of Shanghai dragon website design


has many web designers in Web sites, are in the habit of using a large number of pictures, FLASH, to design the interface is dazzling, not knowing that there are many disadvantages, first of all, too many pictures, the impact site open speed, secondly, the search engine simply does not recognize the images, FLASH, so even if we the contents in the well, are also unable to let the spider crawl crawl. So in this case, you use some suggestions on the simulation of spider crawling tools site check for yourself, see whether it is because of this situation caused by spiders don’t visit our website. Of course, if the site is used to make love to promote Shanghai to have the price, this problem can be ignored. read more

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Common reference will replace the anchor text

but the current domestic situation, most chain practitioners are all released in Shanghai Longfeng nature of advertising, and mess with links, not only affects the other station appearance, advertising also very heavy chain to the other station that is to see a delete.

chain is the search engine to judge the quality of a website important standard, but as long as we reduce the weight of this standard, let the other technology to replace it. Such as "common reference", may be a good solution. read more

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