Keeping pace with the times foreign servers for domestic space providers

To say that the future network, 2008: in order to meet the Olympic Games, and the world distance, Sino US trans Pacific Express construction in Qingdao old stone beach, is expected before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finished, the bandwidth of 5120G after the completion of the "information superhighway", in addition to the Olympics broadcast high-definition television signal to the world our people, the Internet and telephone calls will also entered the high-speed era". A total investment of $500 million to build a trans Pacific direct optical cable system. This is the world’s first submarine high speed direct optical fiber cable, the bandwidth of 5120G, more than the existing link between China and the United States submarine fiber optic cable bandwidth increased by about 31 times. The United States cable landing station is Neiduona Beach Oregon, China in mainland Qingdao and Shanghai set up a landing station, it will only Chinese instead of connecting the mainland and the United States one after a low capacity fiber in Japan, to change the current network traffic must be Chinese in Hongkong or Japan in the current situation, to solve such problems as the data transmission delay bring. When the time comes, the domestic host business will certainly have a brand-new change. read more

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Just a soft Wen let my PR from 0 to 3

is just a soft Wen, let my PR from 0 to 3, PR last update, he didn’t pay much attention to, because he did not run the website, the update PR and no hope. A few days later, when viewing the PR inadvertently, my website resource sharing network was updated to 3 from 0, surprise at the same time I maintain a calm state of mind, share personal experiences, hope webmaster friends can understand in the useful things.

during the resource sharing network did not do a lot of operational aspects of the work, the site every day just take care of it, Links or at the beginning of the construction site added, most PR is 0, occasionally a few 2-3, I also got some self-help chain, Links did so a bit of work. read more

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Experience of novice station building

please forgive guies display slight skill before an expert,


first statement, I was a rookie, I stood Xiangfan Han River community is a local forum, 5.10 on-line. And I’ve been preparing for this station since April. As students, the school also busy, but also intermittent preparation. I learned the HTML language and CSS language before using it. I’m not good at it. Here, I talk about my experience so far to learn the establishment of the station, I believe that the station would like to build the rookie who will help. I have just hung up the title of rookie, and I have a profound understanding of the problems you have encountered in the process. read more

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Legal regulation of malicious registration of domain name needs perfection

with the rapid development of modern society, the development of computer technology, a domain name dispute is becoming more and more fierce, and our law does not seem to be in this area have detailed provisions, some people use the law does not require to obtain illegal interests, because some people are not familiar with this field and that their rights have been violated it could be in here, the author of the present society of our country and perfect the legal regulation of domain name dispute put forward their own views. read more

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Explore the Ministry of industry to take pictures of the three methods

MIIT two provisions: "on-site photo filing regulations" and "interactive website requirements million yuan capital threshold" has become a curb the development of small and medium-sized sites "magic curse."". Many small and medium-sized website operators dispirited and discouraged, or give up the web site, or transferred to overseas. Small and medium-sized websites should be a useful supplement to China’s Internet and play an important role in active internet. However, during the anti – vice process, many small and medium-sized websites were affected. In order to completely curb illegal websites, regulators have adopted a high standard of access threshold, resulting in China’s small and medium-sized sites suffered a blow. read more

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Stand in the embarrassed way thoughts on talent network operator

met a webmaster who came to my blog some time ago and chatted with him for a long time. I feel there are some things I can share with you, especially some of the skills of recruiting people.

at first he just wanted to ask me to chat can deliver a promotion articles in my blog, then through chat I feel the webmaster is not speculation, there are many clear siting ideas, can be said to be a clever webmaster, but unfortunately not in two years of operation what better place, the weight is not high. Since the thought of soft promotion, why not go to some other propaganda way? The other said he often do the bidding on Baidu, but I don’t agree with him on this, after all, to find a job is a line under the category, will not use the network too much to receive a reasonable effect, for the promotion of him the site, I had a few ideas. read more

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Teach novice how to query reverse links

It’s easy for

to query the reverse link of the website, but there are still many people who have just come into contact with SEO, and even some webmasters are not quite sure. Here I will put some commonly used query link collection way to write out, if you are a SEO master, this article you can filter out.

reverse link has a great influence on a web site in the search engine’s performance, so many webmaster and SEO people will often pay attention to their website (sometimes competitor website) the number of backlinks, search engine query by reverse link is a relatively common, relatively simple operation the way. This article I will introduce the commonly used search engine reverse link method. (reverse links include external links and internal links. For external links and internal links, you can see the SEO related noun explanations and the SEO optimization chain) read more

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Should website construction be implemented using WEB standardized code development

as a professional Tianjin website construction and development personnel, we started from 2002 enterprise website design. The layout and performance of web pages have always been shown in tabular Table. And the form is easy to use, and it is widely used in website design. A large number of websites have been designed and made using tables.

in recent years, website design began to use a large number of WEB standardization, DIV+CSS as the code structure of the site more and more. In particular, the rise of Web2.0, a large number of emerging WEB2.0 sites using DIV+CSS for web design. Simple page design and fast access speed, refreshing feeling, greatly enriched access to user experience. read more

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You should learn to bring your doctrine into doing websites

you have heard that Chinese Jews are businessmen in Wenzhou. Well, yes, Wenzhou people do have a certain quality and vision. Their departments are Jews, but they are not part of them. After all, a place with celebrities, followed by famous.

Wenzhou people’s love is what ism, ISM? Ism is to see something, then put this thing to copy down, let others help you processing, then become to sell their own things, finally go their own way. This is the doctrine of bringing.


brand was born, people in Wenzhou, many people are from a small role becomes a great man. Why? Because they dare to do their ideas into the mind of the soul. read more

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Qzoner Baidu QQ ranking space Shuangjie Extraordinaire

 :     throughout the Internet today, new things are springing up like mushrooms. QQ space station is in this golden period and condemning (in fact, scold people are some Adsense) grow up, since the QQ space station is hot, everyone on the QQ space station was constantly upgrading, today I as a regular QQ user space to talk about my understanding of the QQ space station the. The right and wrong, we own judgment.

      October 2005 university courses completed, also gave up to stay in Beijing work, back home at home alone on the site, stay for half a year, the first contact program is PW, look for free space on the Internet, set up on the altar, slowly groping for how to do stand what to do, the station slowly, their network vision, in the germination of QQ cudgel thinking space station "idea to provide the latest QQ space code for the majority of Q friends, QQ space module is the coolest, most of the QQ spatial information!" I was proud of the shining slogan. Until in April 06 I applied my own domain name,,, meaning "Q Q of human life", then passion is full of vitality and self-confidence, I want to catch up with veteran space station, to do on behalf of QQ new generation websites, with his strength fearless achievements today’s double Qzoner! read more

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Network marketing costs remain high the secret influence of conversion rate of external factors

recently found that many friends began to pay attention to the conversion rate of websites, and some people asked me about it. This is a good thing, which means that we are more professional. Here we see Yu Bo Hello issue "a friend mentioned, I was doing the training of network promotion, from the beginning of the 07 year we have been very good, but this year the website changed version (I feel better), network advertising costs have increased, but the conversion rate will be even worse, this is why, can you help me analyze it, thank you." read more

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Talk about how to increase the credibility of your site

improves credibility and allows visitors to trust your products, articles, and advertising as a key factor in improving your site’s conversion rate. The optical flow is not enough, if the flow is not able to retain visitors, let them further browse, click on advertising or sales union product, the flow of the unit will never be improved, after the site traffic, how to retain visitors, improve the reliability of the website, can be said to be a key issue facing the webmaster.

here, I according to some of my own experience, give the webmaster a few suggestions to improve the credibility of the site. read more

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Novice webmaster from zero start site of the real process

, I am a novice webmaster, to do stand, just read the network, we touted the site must see dozens of articles after the beginning.

before the site, I heard that the site is very profitable, well done, a month can easily reach tens of thousands of income. He was a hot head, start looking for the domain name and the utility space, really not easy to find a good domain name, finally to registered the domain name, then buy space, because I was a personal website, then according to the online article recommended that bought a function than all but the capacity is only 100M virtual hosting space. read more

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The site’s profit looking for key points multi faceted development cooperation and win win situat

ran the market some time ago and found a problem, the market is sleeping, perhaps frozen. Just heart jump, as long as the heartbeat, OK proved not dead.

as long as the heartbeat, we have hope, let our strength wake it up, warm melt. Maybe a person’s strength is not good, need everyone’s strength. For example, cable net of some time ago to find a few SP cooperation, is the beginning of my family to do the promotion, promotion of our songs, then finally the lump of ice melting point, but this time the need to do is SP melt. Do later development melt. read more

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Talking about the operation of grass roots novel under the changeable background of Baidu

more than 10 years of development, especially the rapid development of this year, the Internet has become a very mature industry; while the threshold is more and more low, so many independent individuals can also use some open source program to build their own website. And ordinary people do it either to make money, to interest, or to make money or interest. In some large areas that have been completely occupied by giants, we can make a lot of money. It seems that the opportunity for our grassroots webmaster to kill is very slim. In some small areas, some of our grassroots websites still do very well, and still reflect the value of their existence. read more

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Rookie Hao Xiaoqi a year of experience and experience sharing

So far

success in the SEO industry circles mix for a year, in this year from his fur kid SEO to SEO and then by rookie bottleneck step by step to improve their ability, and the hardships he is visible before the eyes. I Hao Xiaoqi has been doing optimization and promotion of small and medium enterprise website, done in the hands of the website no less than 50, which has had mixed success, today I rookie Hao Xiaoqi SEO ( to share and share their own step by step " crawl & quot; experience and habits. read more

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Webmaster why didn’t you accomplish anything

I am a webmaster who has not done a successful website. So far, I don’t have a website that can get good results. Looking back on a part-time job on a successful website, I got some inspiration.

may be like many webmaster. I’m still a college student. Although I’m a senior now, I haven’t given up my job as a webmaster.

long ago that now relatively large source download station and I was also in Kunming (not I agree not to disclose, but certainly 70% of all over the network), so I take the initiative to contact him, he said I want to go there to work, learn something. Then he found his office and was surprised that he was doing it alone and rented a formal office to work with, even though it was shared with the other two. I asked him why, he said, because at home, I could not work at ease. I would like to sleep for a while and wash my clothes or something. I have a lot of feelings about it. Now many people are at home. Maybe we haven’t noticed that what restricts us is that we can’t concentrate on our work. read more

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Can the virtual host evaluation network test the space

is not easy to find a good space, searching, found may still not satisfied.

domestic space hosting market is chaotic, good and bad. Buy host, space needs to be very careful, space advertising overwhelming, but the integrity seems not much, the quality of service seems to be not much. Low prices to attract eyeballs, and either may be used. The quality is really good, maybe the price is another threshold. How to purify the space trading market, so that more Internet users to find a Cheap Host, we call the self-discipline of space providers, but also calls for the credibility of the host evaluation website. Where there is demand, there is market. Many virtual host evaluation websites emerge as the times require. There is no denying that the evaluation of the web site by the virtual host has made some reference for the users in choosing the virtual host, but the real authoritative evaluation network hasn’t appeared yet. read more

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How should the webmaster use the butterfly effect to do nternet Marketing


mentioned the butterfly effect, many friends talked about Wikipedia and knew what the butterfly effect was. There was a butterfly effect under the encyclopedia. But what we are talking about today is not the movie in the video, but one of the forms that originated from this chaotic system is called the butterfly effect. So what is the butterfly effect? Here, I’ll explain to you what the butterfly effect is. Then according to this principle, this principle is put forward by Edward, he explains is: a butterfly flew towards the sky, then accidentally fanned two wings, a long time will lead to a very distant place resulting in a storm. This is called the butterfly effect, that is, the chain reaction. read more

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How to do a good job of domain name security

this article is feeling, recently because of a friend of the owners of domain name and space is the space stolen, causing a hard operation to Baidu 6 of the weight of the site was stolen, webmasters, stolen more than traffic and money, and has been accompanied by net station insist on heart and sweat in the middle of the night is still the hair of the chain of work, people can not help. Therefore, the security of the domain name that is so important, we inform you the webmaster do not hard but refuse agents below to introduce the work, how to choose the domain name registrar security. read more

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