“We are not going to demonize Tana”

first_imgIn a week a little convulsive in the surroundings of Las Palmas, for the Tana Case, in which the player arrived last Monday to train in “bad conditions”, vomiting included, and had to go home without completing the session, Pepe Mel stressed today in Canarias Radio that he does not rule out continuing to count on the player. “If something gives us strength, it is the union of the group. Despite the difficulties we suffer on a day-to-day basis, we all go together along the same path. Tana has been welcomed with open arms, he has been wrong this time and the club will sanction him as he should. I do not enter that. My responsibility is to be fair in decisions and there will be what I have to do. ” Regarding the plague of injuries and the mentality of the workforce, he considers that “the state of mind with which one faces things is important, but the number of operating rooms through which Las Palmas players have had to go through is also true” .“You can unsubscribe a player because of a muscular problem, which can usually be five or six during the season. However, when you have a team in which you have had to perform thirteen surgical interventions, for different reasons, you lose the players for three or four months, this is not normal, although I do not want to talk about it. I just hope that people understand that maintaining a regularity, without maintaining an alignment and without promoting the associations that occur in the countryside, is quite complicated, ”he insisted.On a positive note, it points to the recovery of Raúl Fernández, but he doesn’t see it fit to play yet. “His recovery is for everyone is a joy and is an example of professionalism, It’s nice to see you work, but the competitive spark hasn’t caught her. We wait for you soon, ”said Mel.Despite the injuries, Mel advocates reaffirming his players in the work done: “We can only reinforce and encourage players the spirit they are showing. If to all that we have spoken you add that we start with many players that are not, our path is to continue in the line of work and I am fortunate that the players believe in what I tell them ”.Another issue that brings the yellow team to the path of bitterness is the use of the VAR this year. Mel criticized “the protocols” of use. “What I’m not sure about is that they have agreed on the protocols, and what cannot be is that what happened to us in Riazor happens, that does not work with all the money that has been spent. The League should rethink its use, ”said Mel.“My relationship with the club is phenomenal”Although there are rumors of his possible dismissal of not achieving victory in the next outings against Numancia and Alcorcón, he is confident in his work. “If in summer they tell us that we have to score fifty points and that we have to bet on the quarry, such as the sales of Pedri and Josep, who get the club to recover the lost money from last season, in the end the objective is being fulfilled ”, he insists. And he also clarified: “My relationship with the club is phenomenal in all levels. I spend many hours working with them, but this football and neither I nor anyone can know what will happen tomorrow. ”Dart to the sports directorEntering reinforcements, such as the possible acquisition of an unemployed striker, Mel did not bite his tongue and sent a clear message to the entity’s sports director. “Rocco Maiorino said that coaches train or know the market, but in this case he has a technician who trains and who also knows the market. That said, I can’t know him like him. ”“If an unemployed player comes, it has to be that all parties agree that he will help us, we will not bring him to make numbers. We can’t afford it because we would betray everything we’ve done so far, ” He said, bluntly, about the recent rumors of the hiring of the attacker Alessando Matri, 35 years old, currently without a team after terminating with Sassuolo. “We are not going to demonize him and he will have to earn himself, or not, with us. He has a responsibility towards his companions, which is the most important. Obviously he knows he has done wrong and the main thing has been this recognition. I am not who not to forgive anyone, ”he ruled on this issue.In addition to this unfortunate incident to begin preparing the match against Numancia, the Madrid coach believes that it is time to take another step and return to the path of victory, after eight consecutive meetings without winning. “We were recently in the top six, and being in the middle of the table now we don’t like it.”In fact, Mel does not contemplate simply achieving permanence, although she is aware that this year was going to be complicated for the club. “You can always do more, both soccer players and coaching staff. What is clear is that in summer a series of things were said and We all accepted that this was going to be a year of transition to form a team, rejuvenate the staff, adjust the economic and get people out of the quarry. You have to have that peace of mind that we are in the parameters that we had set ourselves. ”“Despite all this, we cannot accommodate. If the head of the company gives you a goal, even if you get it you can’t let go. But we can go one step further, ”he added.In a clear show of ambition, he thinks there is raw material to fight for the playoff. “Our own self-esteem has to make us force the machine so that people see that their team competes for greater goals. We aspire to enter the privileged positions and believe that we have done things better than the table reflects, ”he says. He added: “The Second Division is showing us what it is, with many streaks both good and bad.” “We must continue to insist on growing young people and, with the help of veterans, be able to take that step. The competition is long and neither when you win you have to breastfeed or when you lose you must tear your clothes, ”he commented.last_img

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